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Pilot Frixion Ball Gel Pen and A6-sized Notebook - mark mcclure
What I'm doing Now - April 2024
Published on my writer's site:
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What I'm Doing Now - Mar 2024 (YouTube)
Here's the YouTube version of my monthly NOW update.
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Cloud Garden Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Flash fiction inspired by a rainy day and someone's digital dream.(The photo is of the cloud garden at the Hotel Chinzanso, Tokyo.)You can read more about how this story came to be here:
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mark mcclure what I am doing Now - Feb 2024
What I'm Doing Now - Feb 2024
Updated on 2024-02-28 Wednesday from Tokyo, JapanThe first two weeks were warm, way too warm for winter clothes; perhaps a portent of the summer ahead..Temperatures are now back to ’normal’ for this time of year (10C daytime high).Here’s how my month...
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The Writer's Christmas Wish Ahows a White Tinsel Xmas Tree with a White Tablet Computer
The Writer's Christmas Wish
An acrostic poem using "secret santa" as the trigger letters.I handwrote various drafts and then typed it up.(The typed version is below the image.)secret santa, I'm out of luckevery scene's sure to suckchapters crash, darlings dier...
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